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Highway 27: SunSouth at Oak Grove Road



SunSouth of Carrollton will soon be moving into a new location on Highway 27 at the corner of Oak Grove Road. Store Manager John Denney said the move will accommodate the needs of the growing business that has served as a John Deere dealer for decades.

“We’re mainly moving to expand our business because we’re kind of landlocked here and need a larger facility,” said Denney.

Denney said the current location has been a farming supply business since first opening in 1971. In 2006, SunSouth was developed after combining the following companies: Columbus Tractor and Machinery Co., Deep South Tractor Co., Early Tractor Co., Henry Farm Center, and WENCO Group.

The new facility is expected to be a 19,000 square foot building. Denney said the business expects to complete the move within the next year.

“We’re just excited to be moving to a new and bigger location,” said Denney. “We’re anxiously awaiting approval on a few things by Carroll County so we can go forward.”

UPDATE: Construction has started on Sun South’s new location at Oak Grove Rd and Hwy 27