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    The City Menus Updated Website To Increase Focused Commitment to the West Georgia and East Alabama Communities

    Photographer: Laura Barnes

    The City Menus continues to embrace our communities through positive news with an emphasis on both food and retail. The new website is designed just for you! Throughout the next few months you can expect even more brand new content catered specifically for your community. The City Menus offers a new way to find all your local content in one convenient place www.thecitymenus.com. The new website offers a streamlined experience so that you can find the articles that matter most to you. In addition, The City Menus is excited to announce a new sports section that will be added January 15th. With everything on one centralized website, the advertising partners that help support The City Menus will benefit greatly from the increased web traffic on our site.

    In 2016, The City Menus entered into a partnership with The Carroll Calendar. This exciting community resource allows local events to be sorted onto an event specific website.  All event promotion is being moved off The City Menus website and to www.carrollcalendar.com. This way community members can post upcoming events free of charge. “I think that up until now we haven’t had a single, centralized source for community events,” said Matt Greene, Co-Owner of The Carroll Calendar. “We have brought together all categories and venues to make events easy to find. The fact that anyone can upload is also very exciting because we can see everything happening in the community from concerts to wine tastings. Carroll Calendar has a clean layout, is easy to use, and is very accessible, and we’re excited to see more events be listed in 2018.”

    In regard to The City Menus brand and the new changes being added, founder Jonathan Dockery said, “I can really see how it (The City Menus) has brought the community together. Everyday I get positive feedback from community members and hear how excited they are to see our next post. I’m very excited to be partnered with the Carroll Calendar and to offer a new sports section. It’s something we’ve heard the community wants, and so we’re happy to offer this. I think local sports has always been a positive for the community, and since we already have dedicated followers, adding sports will help us grow. I want to keep in mind the word community and how to always be a positive influence and brand that’s different from what the modern environment of social media offers. I always want to make sure that as we go towards the future we keep a positive place where people can interact and engage. We only want to grow stronger. I want to keep offering value for our readers and advertisers by adding different positive levels to our medium which will help us continue to grow.”

    The City Menus began as the Carrollton Menu in 2011 as a passion project by Jonathan Dockery and through public interest and generous sponsors has grown into a successful business. With over 50,000 followers across all platforms and a daily average of 3,000 hits on the site, The City Menus has become a platform for members of the West Georgia and East Alabama community to learn about local happenings in their area. The City Menus has proudly supported locally owned business since its inception and will continue to serve the community for years to come.

    The City Menus is the parent company of The Carrollton Menu, Carroll Calendar, and Northern Rocket Media.

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    John Pilgrim is a Carrollton native and current Political Science Major at the University of West Georgia. He has been in numerous shows at Carrollton Cultural Arts Center and attended the Governor's Honors Program. John is an avid fan of both food and entertainment and is excited to be a part of The City Menus team.