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Big Chic: The Story of a Carrollton Landmark


Yesterday’s Food And Retail by Grady Ellis (Editorial)

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At South Park and Roop Street, Each day except Sundays and holidays; a crowd always stays gathered around the building in the middle. To the right of the building sits two picnic tables.. I’m sure y’all know where this is going and likely will make many hungry. Let’s take a look at a local icon and longtime Carrollton mainstay, Big Chic!
Many local employees of Southwire, Tanner Health System, among many; flock to the Big Chic during their respective lunch hours during the day and early evening hours. The fried chicken and French fries are always hot and fresh, and many other items are cooked to order. With early beginnings in Fort Valley, Richard and Cecelia Scharer opened in Carrollton in the fall of 1975. A family owned and operated operation, over the years Big Chic has quietly made a name for itself and has become a quiet legend that grows. Many local students attending high schools and at the University Of West Georgia have worked at our local store along with the Scharer family over its 42 year and counting run as I spoke to the founder of our location’s Daughter, Michelle Dyer. 
I was amazed to learn that our local Big Chic has brought customers as far as California, and recommended from anyone that was from our town, yet lived afar. That I can attest as fact, as I once lived in Kansas City Missouri, and my Mom always spoke of Big Chic and I see the reason she loved the place so much, as it was too her stop to work at Tanner in the 1990s. The staff is outgoing and friendly, and is very quick, and always consistent with excellence. Big Chic has long been a mainstay for the entire town literally, as over the years there’s always a peaceful crowd of faces from every section of Carrollton, and our area gathered ordering anywhere from a simple snack; to getting a meal to take home to family after a hard day’s work. As of 2018, Big Chic is the longest operating restaurant on South Park Street. It arrived the same year as McDonald’s on Maple Street, and over five years after KFC opened in the current location of Billy Bob’s. However Big Chic has stayed true to itself, and one of the many reasons its been the great success story it has become.
Although Big Chic can also be found in other towns through West Georgia and Central Georgia, the Carrollton location has become a landmark and is also used when giving directions to town. If you never come to Carrollton often, you likely once been to or heard of Big Chic. The Scharer family also owns the Villa Rica location and they’ve given us an amazing place to get one of the best meals you can get in town. Whenever there’s a UWGA homecoming, many graduates make a stop at Big Chic, as our location has quaintness, and many wonderful qualities that make it stand out and keep the legend alive and well for decades to come. Although we may grow, and gain new places to eat; people always come back to Big Chic and is a beloved and cherished gem in Carrollton and truly believe it to stand the test of time.



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