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The Success of Turner’s Pharmacy

Grady Ellis

For many people when they think of getting their prescriptions, the first thought of where to get them would be a chain store like Kroger, Walmart, Walgreens, CVS, etc. Many locals in Carrollton know that’s not true here. Nestled around Tanner Medical Center remain three independent pharmacies that have withstood the waves of change and growth, and one really stands out from the crowd, Turner’s Pharmacy on Dixie Street. Owned by Randy Turner since 1988, the business also carries a long history in Carrollton, and we begin at Adamson Square.

Before it was Turner’s, the original name of the pharmacy was Jones Drug Co, owned by Charlie Jones. They were located on Adamson Square in the People’s Bank Building that’s now West Central Technical College to the right side of the main entrance to the building. In 1959 Jones sold his pharmacy to Don Bohannon, who would move the store down the street to the corner of Newnan and White Street, next door to the new A&P, that had also relocated from the square. Bohannon’s would remain next door to the A&P (presently the Wash Bowl) until 1969, when they would make one more move to their present location that was originally built in the 1950s as a private residence for someone who was handicapped.

Bohannon would own and operate the pharmacy until 1988, when he sold to Randy Turner. At one point there were nine independent pharmacies within the area around Tanner, but the competition didn’t hurt Turner’s. They have thrived since 1988 and now are one of three independents remaining, along with Haney’s Drug Corner and the newest independent, Brooke’s Pharmacy, opening a few years back at West Georgia Shopping Center.

When you walk into Turner’s Pharmacy, there’s a small-town charm that resonates inside with a huge emphasis on customer service and the fastest service you can find from any pharmacy around as I can very proudly attest to. It’s rare these days to find a place you can walk in and immediately the staff knows your needs and instantly takes care of you, as I’ve found over my years of being one of Turner’s many patrons. Randy Turner and his family do an amazing job and are one of Carrollton’s finest examples of thriving small business.

Although it’s been Turner’s for a mere 30 years, Turner’s Pharmacy has a legacy that spans many decades and a rich history that continues to grow and expand as this local gem is very popular with locals. As of 2018, from its days as Jones Drug and Bohannon’s Pharmacy; Turner’s is the oldest continuously operating pharmacy in Carrollton. A first-class place with a wonderful staff that treats you like family, Turner’s Pharmacy is another good example of what makes our city the gem it is. It’s safe to say the legacy will only continue to flourish for years to come and remain “Carrollton’s Prescription Headquarters.”

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