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This Small Town Boutique Is Rich With History

Matt Greene

Behind every small business stands a story, and the same is true for Blue Moon Boutique. Located in beautiful historic downtown Newnan, Blue Moon has called Greenville Street home since September, 2008.

Before graduating from Emory University in 1984, Blue Moon owner Gay Koran, took a part time job at Rich’s at Lenox Square where she catered to the customers that were looking to spend their money on high-end merchandise. Then after college she was hired by Neiman Marcus to run their updated sportswear department.

“I always wanted my own boutique, and I chose this type of boutique because my history was retail. It seems once you get retail in your blood, you always have it,” said Koran.

In 1995 Koran and her family moved to Newnan, where she was a “stay-at-home” mom.  All the while, I still missed being in retail, and had the dream of having my own boutique.”.  She then began working for a store in downtown Newnan in 2005, where her dreams of owning her own boutique became a reality.

Koran started a denim-only business with a friend in 2008. The business eventually added tops, dresses, handbags, and shoes. By 2010, Koran became the sole owner of what we know today as Blue Moon Boutique.

Blue Moon offers a variety of trendy clothing for men and women of all ages. From jewelry, handbags, and shoes to a variety of gifts, you will find something unique.

“For a long time, Toms Shoes were the most popular item.  Toms still do very well, but we probably sell more casual ladies apparel. Our men’s line, Peter Millar, is probably our number two seller. We have items $25.00 to $300.00.  This enables us to reach a broader customer base. My customers are within the age range of 15 to 85. I first look at styles that are trending, then quality and price. I like to appeal to a broad group. I also listen to suggestions from my customers and sales representatives,” said Koran.

Koran utilizes her knowledge from her experiences in the retail industry to operate Blue Moon today.

I believe my work at Neiman Marcus gave me an appreciation for quality, textures, and price of merchandise. I will not buy inventory without touching and feeling fabrics first. Everything that is in the store has been viewed and touched by me. Quality is very important,” Koran adds.

Since first calling downtown Newnan home nearly ten years ago, Koran refers to Blue Moon boutique as her “happy place.”

“Newnan is a very tight-knit community. I believe that this community really wants to support their downtown merchants. It is demonstrated by the growth you currently see in downtown Newnan and around the square,” said Blue Moon owner Gay Koran. I get to see so many people–young and old–and I feel like they become friends. I LOVE it when people stop in just to say hello, and catch up since last time they were in. I have watched downtown Newnan grow to a booming place to be. I think the square offers so many exciting things that a lot of small towns don’t offer.”

Blue Moon Boutique is open Monday through Saturday from 10:00 a. m. until 5:00 p. m. For more information on Blue Moon Boutique, please visit www.bluemoonnewnan.com.