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Sam’s Club in Douglasville to Add Self Checkout


Sam’s Club members in the Douglasville area will soon have a faster checkout option at the Sam’s location on 6995 Concourse Parkway. The store plans to install self-checkout kiosks in order to provide customers with the option of self-checkout as opposed to waiting in line.

The City Menus spoke Friday with a store manager who said the company is adding self-checkout kiosks to a number of stores in the local area.

“They will be adding self-checkout lanes to all of the Sam’s Club stores in the Atlanta area within the next year,” said the manager. “It’s an added convenience for them not to have to wait in line. We also have Scan & Go which allows an added level of convenience as well.”

The Sam’s Club Scan & Go app allows customers to get items they need while inside the store and simply scan the item’s barcode to add them to a shopping list. The app keeps track of how much the customer will be charged at checkout while they shop. Once finished shopping, customers can pay using the app and show their receipt in the app to the Sam’s Club greeter on their way out.

To find out more about Sam’s Club Scan & Go, click here. 

Bids are currently being accepted on the project which is not slated to begin until January of 2019.

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