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What’s New…State of the City Edition.

Mayor Harvey Persons delivers the State of the City address in January
Mayor Harvey Persons delivers the State of the City address in January

At the Douglasville Menu we will always do our best of informing our readers of new developments that will shape our community. This includes everything from new retail developments, to transportation projects, to new community initiatives to help our citizens and everything in between. A few weeks ago Mayor Harvey Persons delivered to the city news and developments related to what we do here at the menu. The annual speech known as the State of the City address dealt with a host of issues from economic and community development to other issues related to public safety, taxation, service agreements and city employee relations. We will focus on just the transportation and development news of the speech with a few interesting bits of news, some of which you might have already heard of.

Transportation: Highlights included 3 projects: The I-20/Hwy 5 Interchange study, which was addressed in 2014 with 2 public open houses. The finding of the study, as well as the recommendations from GDOT to move the project forward are expected sometime this year. No firm date on a project completion once the findings are in. The 92 Relocation project, which anyone in the city knows of, and is the largest project in the city currently. We here at the menu will have a more in depth look at the progress of this project later this week. The third project was a bit of a surprise, but one that many citizens will be happy to hear of. The city is currently working with GDOT to do a similar study like the 5/20 study at the I-20/Chapel Hill interchange. We were promised more details of this project later in the year.

Development: Highlights of this section included 3 new distribution centers opening this year within the city limits on the Eastern side of Douglas County. These include McMaster-Carr, expansion of facilities for Med-Line, and the Gordon Foods distribution center. All of these projects will be opening on Riverside Drive. Another distribution center is slated to open off Blairs Bridge Rd, one that made headlines when the announcement came. The opening of Keruig coffee products will add 500 new jobs to the area. In his speech, the mayor also recognized some innovative new openings downtown such as Station Loft Works and recognized an amazing year by the Downtown Development Authority and the Main Street program.

There was of course more to the speech than just the highlights above. Click Here to catch the speech in its entirety. Thanks to My Citi TV for the link.


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