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GA 92 Project Update and What’s In Store.

Progress on the 92 Relocation project in Early Feb.
Progress on the 92 Relocation project in Early Feb.

One of the most intensive transportation and infrastructure projects in the city’s history is moving along at a good pace. We here at the Douglasville Menu will keep you informed on the progress of the 92 Project when new information is ready and certain phases of the project are complete. In early February I stopped to try and take photos of the site and check in on the progress. There has been a little more progress done since then, but sadly access to the worksite is becoming more and more difficult. The only place accessible to take photos was the hill from the Forrest Mart Center on Fairburn and Hospital Dr. So here’s where we stand:

The land has been cleared and pipe and utility construction along the project is on-going. Many have noticed the new electricity poles that align Hwy 78 near the old Dorsett St intersection. Also that strips of land have been cleared along Hwy 92 near Brown St. This is where the existing Dallas Hwy will meet the new aligned Hwy. Detours put in place in November took some getting used to but now seem to be the norm with drivers who live and work in that corridor.

So what’s to come? The next phase of the project, and one that will begin soon is the realigning of the CSX tracks and Hwy 78 temporarily next to Hwy 78. The tracks will be moved onto the existing Hwy, while 78 will shift over about 100 feet. Tunneling will begin once the shift is complete to create the new bridges over the new highway. Remember, that the new GA 92 will cross UNDER Hwy 78 and the CSX tracks. Construction on the entire project is set to be complete in 2018 weather and delay permitting. The new road will be a 3 mile section bypass around the downtown area and will pass under Hwy 78 to keep traffic from the northside and Paulding County free from train delays. We’ll continue to post updates when new phases of the project get underway.

For now, keep up with planned detours and construction updates: Click Here.


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