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One Small Step to Move, One Giant Leap for the Future of OmniCall



After 20+ years in their current location off Corporate Drive, the OmniCall team is thrilled about their upcoming relocation. Although the 24/7 call center is moving just a hop, skip, and jump away, they are more than ready to settle into their new, BIG space. “We’re excited about the future of our business and consider ourselves very blessed to be in need of the larger space.” says Wayne Payne, Owner and President. “It’s crazy to think we’ve exceeded our current 5,000 square foot headquarters. Our receptionists are anxious to settle into their expansive 8,000 square foot studio.” OmniCall will be moving into the old Social Security building down the street from the Post Office on Thomas Newell Way.

OmniCall is a team of friendly, professional receptionists handling calls for businesses across the nation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Adam Wilkins, Vice President of Operations and son-in-law to the owners, explains how the service works, “Basically, we act the same as your in-house receptionist. We answer your incoming calls, ask the caller for their information, and then call you to transfer the caller. If you’re busy, we take a message and email or text it to you immediately.” Wilkins also notes the convenience of having a team of offsite receptionists to handle the calls, “We’re never late, sick, or on lunch. You know your calls will never go unanswered.” With the service costing just a fraction of the amount needed to pay someone in-house, it’s a huge benefit for businesses.

OmniCall’s new home is currently being renovated from top to bottom. After gutting and rebuilding the entire space, they will complete the makeover with high-end finishes and a few neat features such as the glass wall in the lobby overlooking the broad receptionist studio. So, how does a 24/7 receptionist service up and move without a hitch? Practice. “We will conduct multiple practice runs to work out the details and ensure a smooth transition” says Payne.

The receptionists and management are very eager to see the changes. Christy Brimer has been with the company for over 12 years. She explains her thoughts on the move, “It’s been exciting to watch the business grow exponentially throughout the years. We were ecstatic with the renovations to our current call center last year, so we have high expectations for the new building. We know Wayne’s designs won’t disappoint.” Once the final décor is set in place, OmniCall will host an open house to welcome the public to their new humble abode.

For more information about OmniCall’s relocation or their receptionist services, visit their website at www.omnicall.com or give them a ring at 888.797.8555 – you’re sure to get an answer!

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