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    Saber Diamond Tools Announces Multi-Million Dollar Expansion


    Saber Diamond Tools announced a multi-million dollar expansion on Tuesday aimed at meeting the Villa Rica company’s increasing customer demand. The expansion includes fully automated machines which will manufacture the company’s cutting tools.


    Saber Diamond Tools Vice President Martin Neagu said the expansion is expected to take place in May, “We’re really excited about the expansion, and it should be fully operational in May.”


    Neagu said the company’s new mill is in place, and workers are now awaiting the arrival of sawblade machines which will be shipped from Germany.


    The expansion focuses on the growing demand in Saber’s polycrystalline diamond (PCB) saw blade market.


    Saber, located near West Georgia Equipment Rental off Highway 101, purchased two new, fully-automated sharpening machines, which will work in unison.


    The company is one of the most well-established diamond tooling operations in the country, offering the most production capacity in the United States, according to the Saber Diamond Tools website.


    Neagu said the new machines will offer more precise sharpening capabilities, and are managed by an automated robotics system.


    “Our workflow and product have been tremendous, so we are looking forward to the results that this expansion will bring,” said Neagu.


    To learn more about Saber Diamond Tools,  visit www.saberdiamond.com.


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