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    Green Space Added to First Tuesday Mall to Replace Old Theater

    Demolition is complete on the old movie theater at First Tuesday Mall. Erin Rabe, a marketing specialist for RCG Ventures, confirmed on Tuesday that the space where the theater once stood will serve as a green space for the time being.

    “Currently, we have no plans for the space, and it will simply be a green space for now,” said Rabe.

    Rabe said the theater’s design prevented it from being utilized for another purpose.

    “The theater was really an odd shape, which makes it very difficult for any other kind of business to want to operate in a building like that,” said Rabe.

    The theater, which was built more than 40 years ago, used to be a popular hangout for Carrollton youth.

    “It’s been there since the mid-to-late 70s, and I remember it being a popular place for us to hang out when I was in high school,” said Carrollton-Carroll County Chamber of Commerce President Daniel Jackson.

    Jackson echoed Rabe’s statements on the problems with the theater’s design. The theater closed when Stadium Cinemas movie theater was constructed a short distance away on Highway 61.

    “The older movie theater had two separate theaters which were constructed on a sloping surface, which limited any other use of the building than a theater,” said Jackson. “The theater shut down shortly before Stadium Cinemas opened up.”

    Two storefronts are now available on the edge of the space where the theater once stood. “The two storefronts next to the green space should be a great location for any kind of lessee,” said Rabe.