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Grayestyle at Hudson Mill Closing, Owner Interested In Selling Boutique


Message directly from Kyler Graye of Grayestyle at Hudson Mill:

Please come visit our store and say goodbye. We are sad to close our doors but excited for a new chapter. After running Local Color and GrayeStyle for the last five years, I have decided to go back to teaching art in public school. For those of you that have supported my dreams and my business throughout our endeavor, thank you! From the bottom of my heart thank you! It means so much to see friends and family come in just to check out our cool little shop. I have enjoyed meeting so many new people that truly loved our place and have been flattered by complete strangers coming in and trying to make our place as famous as they know how. I honestly can’t say enough how appreciative I am to my husband for his support in this dream of mine and how much he has sacrificed to get us this far. I honestly believe God has placed this new path before us and we are putting our faith in his plan for our lives. Now, enough with all the sappy stuff. We are having a huge sale and obviously this will be our last one. Everything is marked down substantially! Come check it out. We would love to say goodbye and see our stuff go to people we know and love. Also if you know anyone that is interested in owning their own boutique, I am also interested in selling as a whole. If you would like details please message or email us. Our space will also be available for rent so if you are interested in being a part of the great Carrollton community and having the best landlord and neighbors you could ever imagine at Hudson Mill give us a shout and we will get you the information you need. Thanks again for a wonderful five years! Shop local. Be awesome.
-Kyler Graye