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Improvements Coming Soon to West Georgia Regional Airport

Courtesy of West GA Regional Airport

Some important improvements are coming soon to West Georgia Regional Airport. The airfield, located at 635 Regional Airport Road in Carrollton, will be sealing cracks and re-marking the pavement of their single 5,503 x 100-foot runway. According to airport manager Susan Heath, “The main goal of our airport is safety! A runway is just like a road. The marking and striping fade, and cracks develop in the pavement allowing grass to grow. We want the optimal condition for a safe landing for our pilots.” The project is anticipated to begin sometime in late September or early October and will cost about $150,000. However, no local tax money will be spent on the project as funding will be coming from other sources, including the FAA, the State of Georgia, and hangar rents collected by the airport.

Heath shares that the airport is more of an asset to Carroll County than people may realize with over 100 based aircraft. “All of our pilots pay to Carroll County personal property tax on the value of their airplane. It doesn’t matter where the owner of the plane lives. Where the airplane is based determines where the airplane pays its tax. Thus, the airport is a tax revenue source for the county,” she states.