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    Tower Plaza Subway to Feature Drive-Thru, Reopening Soon

    The relocation of Tower Plaza’s Subway restaurant will soon be complete, according to officials. The new restaurant will be located in the old Sonic building, and will be the first Subway restaurant in the west Georgia area to feature drive-thru service.

    Developers have been remodeling the restaurant location since February.

    “We are still working through some construction issues, changing the layout and ordering equipment,” said Tim Plews, Director of Development.

    “The existing store has been there for 30 years or so, and we were looking to expand the business by going into a free-standing building with a drive-thru,” said Plews.

    According to Plews, only about five percent of Subway restaurants across the United States offer drive-thru service.

    In addition to the drive-thru, customers will also be able to order through the Subway app.

    Plews noted that renovation is expected to be finished soon at the location.

    “We hope to be open by end of August or early September if all goes as planned,” said Plews.

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