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    Students Deliver the News at Sand Hill Elementary

    At Sand Hill Elementary we are committed and strive for excellence not only in academic rigor, but also in the area of technology.  We are proud to be able to say that we have 1:1 technology devices in grades two through five. Each student in these grades has access to some of the newest technology available, including Chromebooks, iPads, and digital media equipment. Some of this technology is available in all of our classrooms including our Pre-K classrooms.

    We currently have a smart whiteboard in every classroom and three complete computer labs in our school.  Two of our newest pieces of technology are some of our most exciting! We have been afforded the ability to purchase new “G2” interactive smart boards that are being used in our fifth grade classrooms. These smart boards allow teachers to have access to lessons, teaching and learning programs, and game-based learning activities from the board itself. Our “G2” boards are basically a 75” tablet on the wall. Students have regular opportunities to interact with these boards since many of the lessons are “hands on” and require student participation.

    Additionally, we have been able to purchase a new 3D printer. With this printer teachers guide students in creating and bringing to life designs that can be used with most curriculum content (math, science, literature, or history).  Imagine classroom creations of cities and monuments that really help bring the curriculum to life! At Sand Hill we do our best to teach our students that their imagination is limitless. Students can achieve any goal they set for themselves. Moreover, we want our students to have the resources they need to accomplish this!

    In our continuing effort at working towards creating productive and imaginative students, we make a number of extracurricular programs available. One of these programs is WSHE. This program consists of a news crew made up of students in third through fifth grades, but it also incorporates students across all grade levels in a morning broadcast that is produced, directed, and implemented by our students at Sand Hill. This program is led by Mr. Duane Harris. He continually provides these students with some of the newest digital technology. Students who are a part of broadcast are taught how to write and deliver the daily news. Their experiences extend to working with the mixers, sound boards, and green screens, as well as going “on location” around the building to bring our school to life on the screen.

    Other programs we offer that incorporate technology include, Robotics, Lego, and STEM Clubs. These clubs meet every week and work to continually reinforce what is being taught in the classroom and expand student learning to a more hands-on approach with the ability to utilize what they know in a creative way. They use engineering to build and design various structures, such as model bridges, buildings, or vehicles.  They also learn by using resources that might be overlooked or even considered “trash” through Makerspace production.  Students are encouraged to use their imagination and be creative in their designs, and if the designs fail, try again! According to Einstein, “Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.”  

    Sand Hill will be hosting a Parent Technology night on January 11, 2018 at 6:00 p. m. This workshop will provide parents with the opportunity to experience for themselves the technology that is available in the classroom and around the school. We will also discuss how parents can use technology to assist their child with learning along with monitoring their student’s progress.  

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