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    93% Women Overseeing Company’s Nationwide Success

    In honor of International Women’s Day, let’s shine a light on a local business creating its success with a 93% women-owned and operated staff. OmniCall is a Virtual Receptionist Company providing jobs for just under 50 employees. What makes OmniCall different? Women.

    This has become the motto at OmniCall. “We want our employees to feel confident in themselves and to be in an atmosphere that is empowering and positive”, says Patty Payne, Co-owner.

    Did you know only 57% of women participate in the Georgia workforce currently? And only 46% are employed in a technology-based company? OmniCall is slowly but surely raising the bar. The 93% of women in this tech business is made up of 2 Call Center Managers, 4 Supervisors, 4 Lead Receptionists, 5 in Administration, and 34 Receptionists; the heart and soul of this company, serving hundreds of clients all across the nation. Talk about empowering.

    So, how does OmniCall put Mayo Angelo’s quote to work? Director of Call Center Operations, Amber Turner, explains. “Our product is our team. We are literally the voices of our clients. It takes a truly confident being to handle a call just as if she were sitting in California with them, when she’s actually here in our Georgia studio. We train on this confidence daily by offering tools such as an extremely positive work environment, uplifting in-house communication, and an open line of trust with their management.”

    The top-notch customer service OmniCall offers is 100% a product of their incredible team. The company continues to grow exponentially each year thanks to the hard work and dedication of women from every type of race, ethnicity, and background. OmniCall is empowering women daily, simply by placing them in an occupation in which they can be themselves.

    To learn more about OmniCall and the many ways it can benefit your business, visit their website or give them a call at 888-797-8555.

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