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Douglas County Education Foundation Celebrates Banner Year

Left to right, Karen Emory, donor of the Captain Herb Emory Memorial Scholarship awarded to Jackie Nemanich; Ms. Carmilla Hilton, donor of the Carmilla Hilton and Crystal Hilton Scholarship and the Rev. Alvertis Hilton Memorial Scholarship, and Hilton Scholars Tiffany Mukundi and Devon Boatright

The Douglas County Education Foundation completed a banner year on June 30 that included receiving its largest single donation to date, awarding $156,000 to Douglas County School System teachers and students, debuting a new community event, undergoing a name change, and celebrating 25 years of service to the school system.

The foundation’s largest single donation is a $95,135 grant received from The Google Data Centers Grants Fund. This donation is being used to strengthen computer science programs in elementary schools, including increasing the accessibility of application-based coding in elementary classrooms.

The foundation awarded $50,650 in scholarships to Class of 2018 graduates representing all five high schools. The foundation also funded a Georgia Gravity Games car for Annette Winn Elementary School and honorariums for Teachers and Counselors of the Year.

The foundation debuted a community-oriented fundraiser, Kaleidoscope, a musical featuring vocal talent from the five high schools. The event raised $10,000 for the foundation and the music programs at the participating schools.

After 25 years of serving the school system, the founded changed its name from Public Education Trust (PET) to Douglas County Education Foundation. “The Foundation Board and Superintendent Trent North agree that Douglas County Education Foundation more clearly identifies who we are and whom we serve,” said Jerry Hall, chair of the Foundation Board at the time of the name change. “Public Education Trust is very broad. Our organization is community-focused, serving the Douglas County School System, and we want the name to reflect that.”

“The foundation had a great year,” said Executive Director Lynn Murray. “I’m grateful to everyone who donated their time, talent, or treasure. We have a very caring community that helps us fulfill our mission to the school system. I’m excited about the year just completed and the one before us. Together, we will make our school system the best in the state.”