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Einstein Brothers Bagels Out at UWG, Something New Upcoming

Kevin Hemphill

University of West Georgia students entering fall semester this year have noticed the location where Einstein Bros. Bagels used to be is now in a renovation phase. What many do not know is that Einstein Bros Bagels is out, and something new will be taking over, thanks to a survey of students from UWG.

The City Menus spoke with John Lyons, Director of Campus Dining at the University of West Georgia. He told us that the Einstein Bagels was not performing, and a decision was made to close it at the end of Spring Semester 2018. Mr. Lyons explained, a new Mexican food restaurant will take over the location. The new unnamed restaurant “won’t be a dine in, more of a grab and go,” Lyons said.

The new restaurant will be opening in January, just in time for Spring semester. Stay tuned to The City Menus for more information on the opening of the new restaurant.

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