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City of LaGrange Begins LaGrange 101 Class, an Educational Government Class for Citizens

City of LaGrange

This is a new class hosted by the City of LaGrange to give local citizens an opportunity to experience an inside look at city government and develop informed and involved citizens.

The sixteen members of the LaGrange 101 class were chosen by the Mayor and City Council. They include Chad Cooper, Ernest Ward, Tommy Murphy, Alonzo Roberts, Chis Hudson, Bill Stump, Curtis Brown, Meredith Key, Alicia Hill, Carolyn Haamid, Leon Childs, Susan Ferguson, Robby Burch, Dale Jackson, Anthony Talley, & Kyle Pickels.

LaGrange 101 is a six-week class that will meet Monday evenings from 5:30-8:00 p.m. The first class was Monday, October 1st. The final class will be Monday, November 5th. Each week participants learn about two departments of the local government.

Graduation from the class will take place at the LaGrange City Council meeting Tuesday, November 13th.

Before the class began each participant was asked to submit three concerns they want addressed about the City of LaGrange. The presenters each week will incorporate the concerns submitted into their presentations.

If you are interested in participating in the 2019 LaGrange 101 Class, please contact Katie Mercer Van Schoor at (706) 883-2055 or [email protected].

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