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Savvy Crafters Vinyl and Gifts Celebrates Grand Opening

Jonathan Dockery

Newnan’s newest vinyl product and gift store is celebrating its grand opening. Christy Davis is the owner of Savvy Crafters Vinyl and Gifts, which is located at 1485 Highway 34 East in Newnan.

“We offer the best vinyl products at the best prices, and we hope everyone comes by to check us out,” says Christy. “We are the only authorized dealer of Siser vinyl products in this area. Siser is considered to be the absolute best vinyl on the market today and they completely stand behind their product.”

Savvy Crafters is a full-service vinyl supply company that is able to serve anyone’s vinyl needs. Christy says that it’s been her dream for a long time to open her own vinyl shop and follow her passion for vinyl.

“After being in a stressful job for four years and not being appreciated, I was inspired to step out on FAITH and do something I love,” says Christy. “It was the opportunity for me to work hard for myself and build something great for the community to share. It was also a chance for me to be me.”

Savvy Crafters Vinyl and Gifts’ mission is to support local crafters by providing them access to industry-leading Siser and Oracal vinyl Products and a variety of trendy, high quality blanks, as well as providing a collaborative environment for crafters to socialize, educate, share, and present creative ideas for finished, customized products.

“I love to see the entrepreneurial spirit of the crafters and designers that enter my store, and I feel that their success in their endeavors is my success in my business,” says Christy. “It’s a circle, and it’s rewarding to see and hear that I was able to provide them the materials that they needed to fulfill an order, big or small, or create something personal for friends and family.”

She notes that she is proud to offer her loyal, high volume customers and entrepreneurs ideas that give wings for creative efforts to soar by providing a community board for them to showcase their business cards.

“Savvy Crafters also provides our loyal customers with an opportunity to showcase designs on our window,” says Christy. “For the consumer, its a chance to find a crafter that can provide you with the customized product you want. It’s a win-win all the way around!”

Find out more by following the Savvy Crafters Vinyl and Gifts Facebook page here!

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