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City of Carrollton Plans Extension of Greenbelt

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Carrollton City Council members recently met for a work session and discussed the possibility of adding a new extension, or spur, to the Carrollton Greenbelt. City Manager Tim Grizzard said the new extension will likely connect the downtown area to the Greenbelt near Tanner Medical Center.

“We discussed a number of project priorities and, based on what we talked about, we are looking at creating a new spur for the Greenbelt that would incorporate some bike lanes and sidewalks from downtown along Dixie Street toward that section of the Greenbelt,” said Grizzard.

Grizzard said the new extension would begin in the area of Bradley Street south of Adamson Square and would likely run along the Dixie Street area.

“We don’t have a specific route determined at this time, but I would think that it will go from Bradley Street down through Dixie and on to the Greenbelt there at Southwire and Tanner,” said Grizzard.

The City of Carrollton has obtained grant funding to create a section of the extension and Tanner would be building another part of it, according to Grizzard.

“My estimate would be that the project would begin within the next year,” said Grizzard. “The next step from here is working out the conceptual route.”

The Greenbelt has become especially popular at the section near Southwire and Tanner as employees from both companies have come to use the walkway on a regular basis. A new extension linking Carrollton’s downtown area would be a win for both residents and business owners in downtown.

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