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Newnan Is Home to One of the Largest Building Block Toy Stores in the World

Jonathan Dockery

Did you know Newnan features the largest independently-owned LEGO® toy store in the world? Now you do! Located at Thomas Crossroads, 2826 Highway 154, locally owned and operated Atlanta Brick Co. features more than 2,000 pounds of pick-a-brick to dig through, as well as thousands of new, used, and discontinued sets. The store offers more than 6,000 unique minifigures and spans 7,500 square feet of space.

Atlanta Brick Co. first opened its doors in November of 2015; however, owners Chris Cott & Ed Gaitani have been selling LEGO® and other toys online and at conventions around the country since the late 90’s. Chris & Ed first met at New York Comic Con where Chris had a vendor booth selling LEGO® Minifigures. Not realizing they both lived in Newnan within a few miles of each other, they met up again a year later when Chris just happened to go to Ed’s house for a yard sale and discovered he was selling LEGO® online out of his basement. They started working together and a few years later decided to get warehouse space behind Uhaul at Thomas Crossroads so that they could have a place for employees to fill online orders. They made the warehouse look nice, like a store, so they opened their doors to the public in case anyone wanted to buy LEGO® locally instead of just online. Chris and Ed say they had one of the largest inventories of LEGO® in the world and now own the world’s largest building brick toy store.

This past May Atlanta Brick Co. moved from their warehouse space behind Uhaul into the former Catfish Hollow building on Highway 154 across from Goodwill at Thomas Crossroads. They needed the extra space because LEGO® can take up so much room. They now have over 7,500 square feet of space and it is full of LEGO®! The store not only is a fun place to build on-site, pick brick, build minifigures, and shop; it is also like a museum with sets dating back to the 1960’s when LEGO® was made by Samsonite®!

These entrepreneurs say that although owning such a cool store is fun, it is difficult to compete against the big box stores. Fortunately, Atlanta Brick Co. is an online seller first, so their prices actually beat Amazon prices by an average of 30% for discontinued sets and are equivalent retail prices of sets currently available from LEGO.com, Walmart, and Target, according to Chris. Ed adds that their pick-a-brick and bulk LEGO® pricing is as good, if not better, than you will find online. Right now, they are running a special on their pick-a-brick where you can pick out 3 pounds of any of the LEGO® bricks you want for $25.99, and you get to keep the bin!

In order to help fund their super fun but costly and seasonally dependent retail toy store, they also host birthday parties, building clubs, camps and field trips in their private event room; they also offer both on-site and off-site after-school clubs and corporate team building. Additionally, they do commissioned building projects. This past year they were commissioned to build a 55,000-piece blood vessel with red and white blood cells in it, which they built it live, on-site during the American Society of Hematology Conference in Atlanta. (Pictured Below)

If you think this store could not get any cooler, they also buy and trade LEGO®!

People come to this store from all over the world, from as far away as Israel, Hungary, Japan, and Australia. Customers have driven across the U.S.A. to shop at Atlanta Brick Co. and then stay to visit other attractions and businesses in Coweta County while they are here. Fortunately for most of our readers, you only need to drive across town to visit this amazing place! Whether you are looking for just one specific piece, a unique gift, or want something fun to do with the family for a couple hours, come check out Atlanta Brick Co., it’s worth the trip!