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Out With The Old, In With The New and Modern for Hogansville Wendy’s

Jonathan Dockery

The Hogansville Wendy’s located by Ingles closed Sunday night and relocated on the other side of Highway 100 across from the Pilot gas station. The new Wendy’s opened Monday morning ready to serve customers with a refreshed look while maintaining the same tasteful options.

Matt Van Paepeghem tells The City Menus with much excitement, “Out with the old, in with the new and modern! We are committed as the Wendy’s brand to be relevant as a 50 year anniversary in 2019. We must remodel, scrape and rebuild or move old tired restaurants! If we don’t we die as a brand! We continue to create high quality menu options including our Old-fashioned hamburgers, chicken, salads and sides. We still sell baked potatoes!”

Be sure to visit the new Wendy’s location at the corner of Bass Cross Roads and Williams Street in Hogansville. They look forward to welcoming everyone into the new restaurant.

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