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Seventy Years Later: Original Sunset Hills Residential Lots Being Developed

Courtesy of Johnny Blankenship

Many of our loyal readers along with us have noticed clearing taking place off Maple Street near Sunset Hills and across from the University of West Georgia. This area is part of the original Sunset Hills development from 1948. Now over seventy years later, the property is being used for its intended purpose, residential home sites. The project encompasses lots 1-4 within the Sunset Hills Country Club area.

West Georgia native Johnny Blankenship of the J & B Homes, Ltd. company is currently focused on developing the site. He says, “It took about seven months to acquire the property, engineer the site, and get the necessary governmental approvals for this project. Overall the city of Carrollton was wonderful to work with on this project. Once the site is developed and infrastructure is in place we will finalize home placement, sizes, and prices. Site work is expected to be completed by March.”

Soon four beautiful homes will be constructed on this piece of land which will add value to the busy Maple Street corridor. Mr. Blankenship goes on to tell The City Menus, “I was looking for somewhere to build myself a home when I ran upon these lots. Based upon the location and proximity to the University and Sunset Hills Country Club, I immediately knew this was a worthwhile project and a great opportunity to build some high-quality homes in Carrollton.”

When asked why he chose Carrollton for this project his response was, “Carrollton certainly embodies everything I was looking for in a community. It’s small enough to have an incredible sense of community, yet large enough to really drive its own economy and shape its future. Local business are supported by the community, the university brings excitement and opportunity to the town, and Carrollton seems to place great emphasis on keeping the historical components of the town intact.”

One of the four lots will become Mr. Blankenship’s new home, and the other three will be for sale. Keep watching The City Menus for more updates on this new in-town residential project.

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