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Barberitos is Booming in Ashley Park

Photo: Jonathan Dockery

On October 22, 2018, Newnan welcomed Barberitos, a new restaurant, to the Ashley Park area. Owners Ravi Patel and Neilay Patel knew that Barberitos would be the perfect fit. The two friends share a community-oriented focus as residents of Newnan. Ravi says, “People come from all the surrounding towns to shop and spend their leisure time here, so we knew the opportunity to bring Barberitos here would bring an enjoyable presence to all sorts of people. Newnan is a great town with a lot of warm and friendly people. It is an area that has had massive expansion over the last few years and is expected to grow.”

Leading up to the opening, Ravi and Neilay went around Newnan to invite people from city hall, along with first responders, and other businesses around town to his establishment. Ravi says, “They all enjoyed the food and came back with their families, resulting in a lot of regular customers for us. Reception has been great. People have enjoyed having the wide variety of options we have available. The local community has been very supportive of our new business!”

Barberitos prides itself with everything being made fresh and in-house daily. The entire team puts incredible time and effort into making sure everything is properly diced, chopped, grilled, blended, and marinated to perfection before serving to their loyal customers. “We experience this each time when we visit for lunch,” said Jonathan, Founder of The City Menus.

Chicken Tacos / Courtesy of Barberito’s

Burrito and taco orders start with the guest’s selecting one of their grilled proteins which can be paired with or without either southwestern rice and/or beans. From that point, guests can choose the delicious monterey jack cheese, which can be added alongside iceberg or romaine lettuce, spinach, fresh-made pico de gallo, and any of their homemade dressings. Top it off with veggies or hand-smashed guacamole and cheese dip, making it a perfect pairing with their salted chips.

The community-centered focus does not stop with food. Barberitos’ top priority is being involved in various ways. The restaurant donates gift cards to causes around town. They are also hosting spirit nights with local schools and plan to keep working with multiple organizations in all the nearby schools to get further involved in the community. Ravi’s partner in the business, Neilay tells us, “We are always open to sponsoring events around town as there are so many organizations out there that are making a difference, we would love to support!”

For example, on March 13 from 6:00 p.m. until 8:00 p.m. 10% of sales will go to the East Coweta High School boys soccer program. The restaurant will also have the Scouts of America setting up discount cards in front of their location in the mornings of February 16-17 and February 23-24 to raise funds for all of the Scouts’ activities. The team at Barberitos hopes to see everyone there to support these organizations.

Catering / Courtesy of Barberito’s

Barberitos also has several catering options, which are the burrito lunch box, burrito platter, taco bar, nacho bar, fajita bar, and salad bar. Ravi tells us, “The burrito platter comes with our world-famous burrito filled with rice, beans, protein, and veggies. The burrito lunch box includes this burrito plus a cookie. Our taco bar includes two tortillas per person and fajita bar includes three tortillas per person.”

All the catering options come with the customers’ choices of protein. Ravi adds, “If you have a split office party that cannot decide between chicken and steak, we can always do both! You can always have your choice of tortilla for any of our catering options. We can also add on any of our made-in-house dips, including our cheese dip, guacamole, salsas, and chipotle ranch for a small fee.” Depending on size of the order, Barberitos is willing to travel an hour or more. Generally, if the catering order is for 10 people, they try to keep the travel distance within 10 miles, 20 miles for 20 people, etcetera. However they do have flexibility with these guidelines to ensure if there is anyone who wants Barberitos for their event, the restaurant will have them covered.

In closing, Ravi and Neilay both add, “The Newnan and Coweta County community is very loyal. We love seeing familiar faces and families come in to enjoy our food. We have enjoyed serving everyone so far and are greatly appreciative of everyone who visits. From the positive reception and positive reviews to people spreading how much they love our food via word of mouth, we can’t wait for more years of service in the community!”

Barberitos is located at 335 Newnan Crossing Bypass Suite B, Newnan, Georgia, across from Ashley Park.

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