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Residential Growth Offers New Restaurant and Retail Experiences

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With the recent Board of Commissioners’ approvals for two new subdivisions in Carroll County, residential options continue to grow. New homes will soon be built along Little Vine Church Road just north of Highway 166 (Barton Lane). Also more residential choices are coming to Old Camp Church Road on the western side of Highway 166.

Carroll County Planner, Janet Hyde reports to us, “The Commissioners did impose a minimum square footage of 1,800 square feet on all three recently-approved subdivisions. We have not received the subdivision plans for these developments yet, so not certain how many lots they will end up with after soils have been tested and greenspace is accounted for.”

Dirt movers and grading can be seen in many areas all around the county. Other subdivisions in several places across Carroll County have experienced an incredible increase in home availability.

As national brands look at Carroll County for adding new retail and food options there are several factors that play into building here locally, Daniel Jackson CEO of Carroll Tomorrow states, “All have templates with density numbers they are looking for within certain distances, Other factors are traffic patterns, commuter drive patterns, destination areas, and ease of access. Industry provides jobs, makes large investments, pays good wages with benefits, and they are large tax contributors. Industry needs reliable workers and talent and the infrastructure to meet their needs.”

He continues, “Economic development is complex, but the core model is to create a community with stability, pro-business government, strong leadership, unified plans, a strong economic development organization, public safety and public services, quality healthcare, quality education, a good balance of industry, retail, restaurant, and service sectors and reliable infrastructure, and you have the formula for building a healthy economy. Rooftops alone will not pay for public services so a balance is necessary for the most desirable communities, hence the term ‘a great place to live, work and play.’ It takes many people in many organizations working together to build a strong community.”

The 2018 Carroll Tomorrow annual report showed 211-million dollars in new investment, plus 794 new and retained jobs along with 28 million dollars in new payroll. Jackson says, “Existing industries are growing and expanding, and new industries are looking. Growth generally happens around infrastructure: cities will grow faster than rural areas because of infrastructure and zoning ordinances.”  

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Jonathan Dockery
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