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Construction to Begin on Spillway at Southwire Lake

Southwire Lake (Photo by Trevor Picciano)

Beginning this month, local residents can expect to see activity in and around Southwire Lake as the company begins a construction project on the spillway at Southwire Lake.

Southwire will be making needed repairs to the spillway/dam area at the lake and, at the same time, will make upgrades to bring the spillway up to the latest standards with the Georgia Safe Dams Program. 

To meet these compliance standards, the project will include the installation of flood gates at the spillway to provide better management of the water level in the lake. 

“These flood gates will allow us, if needed, to lower the water level in the lake more quickly in the event of or in anticipation of major storm events,” said Paul Sims, Southwire’s senior director of remediation and public affairs. “Once the project is completed, we will have better control over the water level to help mitigate the potential for flooding.”

During the construction project, residents can expect to see a temporary lowering of the water level in the lake, but should not see any direct impact to day-to-day activity.

“We do not anticipate any impact to vehicle traffic on public roads adjoining the lake or to GreenBelt/recreational area access along the lake,” said Sims.

The project is scheduled to begin in July with an anticipated completion this November. 

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