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Lily’s Street Tacos Make Georgia’s “Top 100 Plates Locals Love”

Courtesy of LocoMex Restaurant

Since early 2012 West Georgia eaters have partaken of LocoMex’s food, but did you know that their Lily Street Tacos recently received recognition from Explore Georgia? Last month Explore Georgia picked the Lily Street Tacos at LocoMex in Carrollton for one of Georgia’s 100 Plates for 2019.

Owners Federico and Lily Gimenez said they did not know about LocoMex’s tacos’ making the list. Lily explains, “Honestly, until I received your phone call I had no idea, so it’s such a pleasant surprise and makes me thrilled! They are definitely one of our top selling items.” 

When Lily was 18 she began her first serving job at The Border Mexican restaurant in Carrollton, where she enjoyed eating cow tongue tacos on the weekends. At the time, the staff would fix the tacos for themselves.

Several years later, when LocoMex opened, her family was having dinner there and were craving the traditional styled tacos. She envisioned the cow tongue tacos and recreated them using pork. She tells us, “I ordered pork tacos, with corn tortillas, fresh onion, cilantro, and lime. Everyone at the table was asking what I was eating, so I shared, and they loved them. After that night when my family and friends came to LocoMex, they would always ask for those tacos, even though they were not on the menu.” 

As more people started ordering the pork tacos they were added to the menu as Lily’s Street Tacos. The tacos are served with the customer’s choice between two sauces. One of the sauces is a spicy ranchero sauce the other is tomatillo sauce that is less spicy with more flavor. Lily tells us, “ I like mine with tomatillo sauce and fresh lime juice.” 

Lily loves her community after living in Carrollton since she was five years old. Both Lily and her husband own several restaurants in the area. Lily concludes the interview by saying, “Carrollton is an amazing community filled with great people, and I am more than honored to have LocoMex chosen, and especially Lily’s Tacos to be in the top 100 list. I want to express a huge thank you to everyone who supports any of our locations, we really appreciate it. We strive to provide you with excellent food and service every time.” 

Lily and Federico also own and operate several locations across Georgia. Their restaurants are listed below: 

Leopoldo’s Pizza Napoletana, LocoMex downtown Carrollton, LocoMex in Bowdon, LocoMex on The River in Franklin, LocoMex in Rome, Dockside Marina at Fairfield Plantation, Samba Loca Brazilian Steakhouse in Carrollton, and The Border Bar & Grill in Carrollton.