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Crews Currently Widening Street in Downtown Carrollton

Photo by Jonathan Dockery

The City of Carrollton is currently widening a beloved shortcut street in the downtown area. West Reese Street, which connects North Cliff Street to Rome Street is receiving some much-needed tender love and care. For years locals have used this small stretch of road to avoid traffic on both Highway 27 and Rome Street to cut over to downtown Carrollton. 

According to a memo received from Carrollton city engineer Tommy Holland, the West Reese Street Improvement Project involves approximately 1,100 linear feet of roadway improvements and utility infrastructure. He goes on to mention, “The roadway is proposed to be widened between North Cliff Street and Rome Street from an approximate 16 to 18-foot wide paved roadway with no curb and gutter to a 23-foot wide paved roadway with curb and gutter. The existing storm sewer system between U.S. Highway 27 and North Cliff Street is proposed to be replaced with an upgraded system. New storm sewer and sanitary sewer infrastructure is proposed to be extended along West Reese Street to Rome Street and new storm sewer infrastructure along North Cliff Street. Construction includes roadway demolition, installation, maintenance, erosion control using best management practices, grading, storm drainage, sanitary sewer, fire hydrant, roadway and driveway paving, curb and gutter, sidewalk patching, roadway signage and striping, and grassing.” City staff recommended that the Mayor  and Council award the West Reese Street improvements project to Carl Owen Construction, Inc. in the amount of $784,413.71.”

In other news regarding the West Reese Street improvements, an area developer is planning to construct twelve stand-alone homes along West Reese Street, behind the AT&T building. These homes will have direct access to sidewalks and the downtown area. Civil plans are currently under review for a grading permit to be issued soon by the city.