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Flood Damaged Roads in Troup County Expected to Reopen as Scheduled

Courtesy of Troup County

Troup County Roads and Engineering is continuing progress on the three remaining closed roads affected by the April 2019 severe flooding event, including Bill Taylor Road, Cook Road, and South Thompson Road. All affected roads remain essential priorities and are currently expected to reopen as scheduled.

During the flooding event, 28 county roads were closed due to flooding, 13 of which were damaged. Portions of Wright Road, Bill Taylor Road, and Cook Road were completely washed out, and the South Thompson Road Bridge was severely damaged. Wright Road was reopened to traffic in June, and repairs for the three remaining closed areas are currently underway with 2 of the 3 nearing completion.

As the largest roadway drainage structures built in-house by the Roads and Engineering department to date, the construction phases for Bill Taylor Road and Cook Road are simultaneously nearing completion. Bill Taylor Road is set to reopen to traffic in early-September, with Cook Road reopening in mid-September, weather permitting.

South Thompson Road will undergo a bridge replacement for the South Thompson Road Bridge over Polecat Creek. The existing 4-span bridge will be replaced with a single-span bridge. The geotechnical subsurface investigation and the bridge design phases are complete, and the project is currently in the bidding process. Once a contractor is selected, the project is expected to conclude by the end of the year, weather permitting.