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FuelTech Rebrands to Exxon to offer Service with a Smile

Photo by store owner Mr. Patel

Formerly FuelTech, the gas station located at 494 Bankhead Highway in Carrollton recently rebranded. Now backed by Exxon, the station offers branded gasoline that is purchased exclusively from Exxon’s provider. In addition to an exterior remodel the inside of the store was modernized to meet the needs of customers. 

Business owners and natives of Canada, Mr. and Mrs. Patel are excited about the changes they have made with the station. Mr. Patel tells us, “Our newly-installed LED canopy lighting, freshly painted canopy and building, and new fueling pumps make a welcoming statement to the service with a smile that you’ll receive from our staff.” 

Mrs. Patel shares, “Our family realizes that Bankhead is the main corridor into Adamson Square, so we take pride in owning a business on this road. It is our pleasure to welcome people into town and encourage them to shop locally.” 

The store’s interior was rearranged and now caters to a broader group of customers. Customers will first find popular items upon entering the store, such as Rap Snacks, which are chips named after rappers, that cater to hip-hop and R&B fans. The store offers a wide-selection of soft drinks, beer, and wine. “Our store’s cooler selections expanded from four doors to twelve doors,” said Mr. Patel.   

The store also sells smoke and tobacco products along with lottery tickets and scratch-offs. Mr. Patel points out that Christmas edition scratch-offs were just released for sale.

Exxon offers a variety of rewards and savings. For example, in-store cash purchases for gasoline will automatically save customer’s five cents off the displayed price at the pump. Also, when customers sign up for an Exxon rewards credit card they will receive the nickel discount on all of their gasoline purchases, even at the pump. Points can also be redeemed online. Learn more at https://www.exxon.com/en/rewards-program or request a pamphlet from a store associate. 

The store, located at 494 Bankhead Highway, Carrollton, Georgia is open seven days a week from 7:00 a.m. until 11:00 p.m. 

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