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Sports Turf Company Installs Field Surface at Carrollton High School’s New Indoor Athletic Facility

Photo from Sports Turf’s Twitter

Sports Turf Company, a specialty sports construction and surfacing company, installed an indoor field at the new Pope-McGinnis Student Activity Center at Carrollton High School. The facility opened this fall with a performance 120-yard artificial turf field for use by students across a variety of sports and other activities. 

“Carrollton City Schools has always demonstrated a strong commitment to providing the best facilities to benefit their students and athletes,” said Todd Wiggins, President of Sports Turf Company. “As a Carroll County-based company, our team at Sports Turf was honored to continue our longstanding relationship with the system and to play a role in building one of the best indoor sports and multi-activity facilities in the state.”

Sports Turf Company is quickly becoming the go-to expert for these types of facilities after constructing the indoor field for Colquitt County last year. Sports Turf Company worked with Carrollton City Schools to choose a performance AstroTurf RootZone 3D turf system utilizing a “thatch” layer of fibers that encapsulates the rubber infill and keeps it from migrating. The result is reduced “rubber spray,” particularly important for more stable footing and less maintenance of an indoor facility, where humidity is lower than on outdoor fields. Combined with a blend of monofilament and slit-film fibers, this turf system will be safer, more durable and provide better playing conditions for Carrollton athletes. 

“The new surface installed by Sports Turf Company provides Carrollton High School’s students the absolute best of the best,” said Carrollton High School Athletic Director Paul Fitz-Simons. “We’re excited that this new facility can be used for multiple sports, band and physical education classes regardless of the weather conditions.”

The goal of the Center is to provide Carrollton High School’s students with a large, enclosed space to practice extracurricular activities, protected from extreme heat, cold and rain. Along with the field, the multi-activity facility includes basketball courts and a weight room. School officials report that the varsity football team and marching band have already been practicing on the field.

For more information about Sports Turf Company, please visit www.sportsturf.net or find them on Facebook and Twitter at @STCFieldBuilder.