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Real Estate Broker Jordan McEnery Succeeds with Passion for People

(L-R): Cayla Ledford, Ryan Ledford, Jordan McEnery, Tracy Arnold

Real estate broker Jordan McEnery finds success as a realtor by beginning each day with intent. As a husband and father he has a strong family focus and knows the importance of identifying his client’s needs. Through his success he shares his knowledge with others. 

Jordan tells us, “One of the first questions I ask clients is why are you selling or why are you looking to buy. Their answer determines the direction that I take. Sometimes that means we set goals to define when is the best time for them. Ultimately, I treat each of my client’s decisions as if it were my family’s decision and advise them accordingly.” 

To help with being a steward of success for himself and others, Jordan devotes time to self-development. He explains, “The better place that I am personally, the better prepared I am to help people, and there’s something fulfilling about that.”

Combining “old school” with “new school” is another aspect that Jordan believes stages his success. His combination is recognizing the value in meeting and building relationships with people while embracing the digital world. He spends time with clients, is active on social media, has a weekly newsletter, and a client management system that helps him stay in touch.

His work ethic dates back to his high school years and through college when he began working at his parent’s restaurant, Giovannis, which opened in 2006. While at the restaurant his parents helped teach him how to connect with people. He says this experience laid the foundation for his customer service skills and pace of work. “It was there I learned how a successful, sustainable business should be built. I also learned the power of repeat customers and word-of-mouth advertising and building a business from the ground up. Your reputation is everything.” said Jordan. 

Jordan studied at the University of West Georgia with a double major in real estate and finance. While studying at the University a friend, who works as a real estate agent, helped him identify his strengths which led to his decision to pursue real estate. Jordan explains, “At first, I considered becoming an appraiser, but my long-time friend saw my strengths and helped me realize that as an agent I would be in the driver seat and be more of a leader in the transaction. I am very grateful that my friend saw this in me and have not once regretted my decision to become an agent.”

Since 2014 Jordan has worked with the family-owned brokerage, Sky High Realty based in Villa Rica, Georgia. He is now licensed in Alabama and Georgia.

In closing he shares, “If you have any questions about real estate, do not hesitate to contact me. I look forward to serving your family.”

Sky High Realty is located at 241 West Bankhead Highway, Villa Rica, Georgia. To learn more visit www.jordansellsgeorgia.com or call him directly at (770) 856-9457.