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Tween Trouble With Clothes Solved by Jernijacks in Carrollton

The Jernijacks journey for Mandy Jackson and Lindsay Jernigan all started with a chat on the back porch during a fall evening in 2019. Both Mandy and Lindsay have tween-aged daughters. Mandy’s twins Milly and Kate are both eleven, and Lindsay’s daughter Maddie is ten. With limited sizing for tweens at popular department stores, Mandy and Lindsay started doing research to establish an online business. With a leap of faith, they launched Jernijacks, an online shop and garage by appointment that is filled with budget-friendly styles. 

Private distributors in New York and Los Angeles provide Jernijacks’ inventory. Mandy says, “Fifty percent of our inventory is made in the USA, and sizing runs between seven and fourteen.” Both Mandy and Lindsay mention that they have friends and family all over the place who order online. One interesting order came from one that recently saw one of Jernijacks’ masks on Instagram. Milly chuckled, “I help package shipments during the day, and we had from an unfamiliar address in Kentucky an order that purchased masks and clothes; that was a fun order to ship out.” Lindsay adds, “We’ve had folks who live in Oklahoma–whom we’d met in Mexico while on vacation–who purchased some products.” 

Mandy elaborates on the shipping process, “Our daughters love packing up each shipment, and we always include a business card with 10% off the next order. Our customers are incredible.” Maddie and Milly are the enthusiasts for each piece of clothing. It is approved by them before purchase from the wholesaler to sell in the shop. During the pandemic and while being out of school, their three girls have been modeling the clothes for content on Instagram and Facebook. Maddie laughs, “Our payment for work is clothes. It’s all we need. If it weren’t for our customers, we wouldn’t be here.” 

Mandy and Lindsay add in closing, “In this season of the ‘new normal’ many are struggling with nowhere to go. We have kept a good number of customers, and it’s a great testament of people supporting local businesses.” 

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For more information on the latest sales and specials, click here to follow on Facebook and Instagram. For a limited time, free shipping is being offered with orders over $100.

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