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Preston Cottages Designed as Beautiful, Affordable Long-Term Rentals

Photo by Kial Hocker – The City Menus

City Council Approved / JAN 4

Nine one-bedroom cottages have been approved by the Carrollton Zoning and Planning Commission and are waiting for final approval by the Carrollton City Council to begin work. The 600 square-foot homes, intended for young professionals or singles, will front Lake Carroll at 190 Burns Road, on the south side of Bankhead Highway. Each home will have a balcony overlooking the lake and will have access to the new boardwalk with a community fire pit and other amenities for home renters looking for minimalist living and tranquility. 

“This is a great opportunity to showcase what Carrollton is all about–beautiful design, creativity, affordability. This project could be a template for other communities across the country,” said Brian Preston, developer and owner of Preston Cottages.

Courtesy of Michael Rickman

Mr. Preston knows what he’s talking about. He and a business partner appeared a few times on the HGTV program “Tiny House, Big Living,” where they showed the practicality of living in a tiny house. The Preston Cottages on Lake Carroll are not tiny homes, they are permanent residential homes built on a foundation. Each home has been thoughtfully designed by prominent architect Michael Rickman, who designed the new library in Villa Rica. 

“We are so excited about this project, because it is special in several ways. Many communities across the country struggle with affordable, sustainable housing, and we hope to be seen as a pioneer for that. There is potential for this to help Carrollton residents find affordable housing with beautiful surroundings, and for the city to reap the benefit of more residents and a larger tax base. It’s a win/win.” 

Watch for more information on www.thecitymenus.com concerning the Carrollton City Council’s decision on this project and the speculative completion date if approved. 

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