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White Oak Baskets Exhibit Brings Folk-Art Tradition to Center for the Arts

The Carrollton Center for the Arts’ upcoming exhibit showcases the disappearing folk-art tradition of basketmaking, January 7 – February 11, 2021.

White Oak Baskets explores traditional basketry techniques through a collection of photographs and handmade baskets. The show combines two exhibits: White Oak Basketmakers of Georgia, which includes works from 20 regional makers who learned the craft through the traditional folk process, and White Oak Baskets: The Tradition Continues, which documents the basketmaking process, from selecting and harvesting white oak trees and preparing the raw materials to the weaving process.

“White oak basket making is an important part of Georgia folk history and the craft is fast disappearing,” said artist, Brian Renko. “In 1995 there were about 29 white oak basket makers in Georgia, today there are less than seven.”

White Oak Basketmakers of Georgia is the product of a Folklife Grant received by Allied Arts in 1994. This grant program was created by the Georgia Council for the Arts and the Georgia Humanities Council to encourage and support Georgia’s traditional folklife. The program is administered by the GCA.

White Oak Baskets: The Tradition Continues was inspired by a Georgia Council for the Arts Traditional Arts Apprenticeship Grant, awarded to Floyd Anderson of Milledgeville. The grant allowed the late Randy Cannon and Renko to serve as white oak basket making apprentices for almost two years under the direction of Anderson and his wife, Melissa. Both Cannon and Renko were staff members of Allied Arts and felt it was important to document the project and process.

For White Oak Basketmakers of Georgia, Cannon visited the basketmakers in their work environment in order to interview and photograph them and their surroundings for the exhibit. Basketmakers are featured in black and white photographs with examples of their work, including small utilitarian baskets, a woven white oak fish trap, square and round bottom baskets, and a piece featuring the “round rod” technique.

White Oak Baskets is sponsored by Dr. Ray and Marie Stedwell.

What: White Oak Baskets exhibition

When: January 7, 2021-February 11, 2021; Opening reception January 7 at 5:00 p.m.

Where: Carrollton Center for the Arts

For questions concerning this event or the Carrollton Center for the Arts, please call Tim Chapman, Arts Superintendent at (770) 838-1083.