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You Are What You Drink: New Nutrition Shop Opening in Carrollton

Get ready for your health kick because the newest local nutrition shop is coming to Carrollton! Owned by Jamie Mitchell, Carrollton Nutrition will have their grand opening on January 30. Located at 101 Northwinds Boulevard on the northside of Carrollton, just off Highway 27, Carrollton Nutrition is offering the latest technology in nutritional supplements to facilitate whatever body transformation you are trying to achieve. From weight loss to weight gain to weight sustainment, Carrollton Nutrition has all the tools to help you achieve your best self.

Mitchell’s journey started in Rome, Georgia, where she was a customer at Three Rivers Nutrition and where she lost 27 pounds from the products they offered. Inspired by her transformation, she decided to start her own business and extend the knowledge of health and nutrition throughout the west Georgia area. “My fiancé and I opened up our first nutrition club,  Knockout Nutrition in Adairsville, Georgia, at the beginning of May,” said Mitchell. “We have been overwhelmed with love and support from that community and decided we wanted to share these products with a new community. We want our nutrition club to be a spot that people come to and feel loved and cared about.”

Carrollton Nutrition offers products for a wide variety of dietary needs. “We offer meal replacement shakes and energizing teas,” said Mitchell. “Our shakes can be used to lose weight, gain weight, or maintain a healthy weight. We also offer a wide variety of upgrades such as fat burners, collagen, immune booster, and pre-/post-workout.”

The Nutrition shakes range from 17 grams of protein and 220 calories to 29 grams of protein and 300 calories. “They have all the macronutrients you need for a complete meal, all while having the great taste of a milkshake,” said Mitchell.

Carrollton Nutrition is most excited to offer their combo deals to their customers. These will include a shake of the customer’s choice, a choice of energizing tea, and a shot of Carrollton Nutrition’s own aloe vera. “This would be like having your meal in one hand and your favorite drink in the other,” said Mitchell. “The aloe is used to help soothe your digestive system and helps you absorb the nutrients from your shake.”

As inspired as she was by her own journey to a healthier lifestyle, Jamie is eager to share it with the Carrollton community. “We are most excited about serving this community!” Said Mitchell. “We hope to make as big an impact as we can on each individual’s health goals.” 

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