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Classic With a Twist: The Mind Clothing Inspires Through Fashion

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Brandon Todd, owner of The Mind Clothing, is the embodiment of perseverance and inspiration. At just 27 years old, Brandon has overcome more life obstacles than many people experience in a lifetime. Despite all the trials and tribulations he has been through, he has always stayed positive and focused on his dream. “I always encourage everybody to stay positive, because despite all that is going on with you, you can still achieve anything,” said Brandon.

A graduate of Columbus State University, class of 2016, Brandon had an assignment during his senior year to finish his Business Management degree for which he had to come up with a business plan. “I decided to do my business plan on a fashion line, but I didn’t plan on using it,” said Brandon. “Eventually, once I got into the work sector, I realized I could apply this business plan to a clothing store.”

Brandon’s path to business was not what you would expect. To many he is a fashion designer and business owner, but those closest to him know his story is filled with adversity he has had to overcome. A year after graduating from college he was faced with the loss of many close friends and family members. 

Then in 2019 Brandon was severely injured in a motorcycle accident in Atlanta. As he moved lanes to reach a fellow motorcyclist who was having a problem on the side of the road, he was struck from behind by a motorist. “I don’t know if the other driver was texting or what happened.  All I knew after a few seconds I was dragged down the road, my motorcycle was on top of me, and the other vehicle was on top of the motorcycle,” said Brandon.

The accident resulted in Brandon’s having to have his leg amputated and having six long weeks of painful recovery ahead of him. “I’m still thankful!”, exclaimed Brandon. “Even though I lost my leg, I didn’t have any debilitating injuries, no internal bleeding, no head trauma or spinal injury, so when I look back on it, I am nothing but thankful.”

Brandon had a huge support system helping him throughout his recovery. Among doctors, close family and friends, there are too many people to name. “The people who helped me know exactly who they are and how important they are to me.”

When Brandon had recovered, he decided to focus on his business dreams and went to work figuring out the best way to open his clothing store and see his vision fulfilled. “We scoped out the space in January 2020 and were supposed to open in March, but we had to postpone until June because of the COVID outbreak,” said Brandon. “So we had a 90 day hold where we just sat and brainstormed and made sure everything was the way we wanted it to be.”

The Mind Clothing eventually opened in June 2020. They offer designer clothes mostly geared towards adults, but also offer limited children and newborn merchandise. Brandon likes to describe his clothing line as “classic wear with a twist.” All of the clothes are meant to inspire and help people achieve their dreams. “We like to twist it up and have different designs and looks,” said Brandon. “A popular shirt had the logo embroidered and had the words ‘Strong Mind and Open Mind with a period at the end emphasizing your intentions and how you have a mind strong enough to do anything.”

Brandon welcomes all people to his store and is eager to hear their stories as well. “We love to hear what other people are trying to accomplish and always try to give tips and advice to help them,” said Brandon. “We always want to inspire people to help them become the best they can be. I’ve always been into fashion, but more importantly I’ve always been into inspiring people.”

The Mind Clothing is located at 108 Main Street in LaGrange. Their hours of operation are Tuesday-Saturday from 12:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. They can also be found on Facebook and Instagram. Give them a look to start getting inspired today!

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