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Meow! Fur Babies Cat Cafe Celebrates Grand Opening

If you adore cats and seek a delightful atmosphere, then why not visit the Fur Babies Cat Cafe for a truly wonderful experience!  Fur Babies Cat Cafe opens the doors to the public on June 4th, 2021. The owners of Fur Babies Cat Cafe–Sarah, Becky, and Jesse–proudly present a charming place that supports Carroll County Animal Shelter, cats, and the community in Carroll County.

The Fur Babies cat team, Jesse, Becky, and Sarah, happily describe the inspiration behind opening the Cat Cafe. “The idea of opening Fur Babies came about after visiting a cat cafe in January of this year.  Prior to that we were not familiar with the concept. We loved the experience so much!  We also knew our local shelter needed help because there was continuously an overabundance of cats and kittens.  It seemed like a no-brainer to begin working on our own cafe!  As animal lovers we felt compelled to help our community and the kitties in it!  We were super fortunate to have the support of so many people in the community and were able to turn our idea into a reality!” 

Fur Babies Cat Cafe provides numerous benefits and services. The team affirms, “There are so many benefits of visiting a cat cafe!  It is a safe, comfortable environment for both cats and people. For our babies, it allows them to live in a cage-free environment until they find their ‘furever’ homes. This makes them feel much more comfortable and allows their true personalities to shine. For our visitors, it allows them an opportunity to interact with happy, healthy cats. It’s also a great environment to work, study, or just relax. We designed our cat lounge area to resemble a home atmosphere. Our goal is to make it comfortable for cats and people alike.” 

Within Fur Babies Cat Cafe, visitors enjoy many perks. Becky explains how memberships, waivers, and reservations work to create a safe, positive, and loving community. “Memberships are not required, but we offer them for anyone that wants to visit frequently!  Perks of being a member include a discounted entry fee, discounts on all our retail products (drinks, snacks, branded merchandise, and cat supplies!), and priority booking for special events. Every visitor entering the lounge needs to sign a waiver. Once their waiver is electronically captured, it stays on file for a year so there’s no need to resubmit every visit, no matter how many times you come! While reservations are not required, we highly suggest making one!  To help keep our kitties happy and calm, we only allow a certain number of people into the lounge area at one time. We’re currently open Friday through Sunday–and our spots fill up quickly–but we are happy to accommodate walk-ins when we can! We always allow visitors to come into the lobby and purchase refreshments or cat supplies. Our lobby area has two large windows looking into our cat lounge, and we have ample seating on our ‘catio’ where you can sit and watch our kitties play. “

Carroll County Chamber of Commerce and Community Leaders celebrate a Ribbon Cutting on June 3rd

The owners of Fur Babies Cat Cafe were all fur parents themselves, currently have cats, and hold on to very special memories of their beloved fur babies. They all recollected a few memories of Sarah’s and Becky’s fur babies. Becky’s beloved Zuzu lived for over 20 years.  Becky told us, “Zulu showed up at my Maw-Maw’s house one day and was so beautiful and sweet her parents decided to adopt her for their family. We decided to name her after a character from one of their favorite movies, ‘It’s a Wonderful Life.’” Zuzu was a family pet; but when in her twenties Becky moved out of her parent’s house, Zuzu went to live with her. According to Becky, Zuzu was the sweetest, most loving cat and is the reason she has a special place in her heart for felines today. Sarah’s first cat’s name was Sylvester (like the cartoon). It took what seemed like forever to Sarah’s seven-year-old heart to talk her mom into a cat, but the glorious day finally arrived. She remembers how excited she was on the car ride home with her new best friend. Sylvester was a great companion for her. Sarah says, “He was sweet and spunky, just like her!” Jesse is the proud cat dad of Ellie. Becky chimes in, “Ellie is a beautiful Maine Coon and a gentle giant! Weighing over 15 pounds she can look intimidating at first glance, but she is the sweetest girl you’ll ever meet.  Ellie loves to greet Jesse (and guests) when they arrive at his home with a quiet and dignified meow.  She is a big fan of Fancy Feast–once you give it to her, she will request it every time! She enjoys watching birds, a fun game of hide-and-seek  (She will meow when you disappear.) and loves a good belly rub. Ellie was the proud big sister of Jackson and River.” 

There is a memorial within the Fur Babies Cat Cafe that will surely bring a smile from the beloved memories! 

Jonathan Dockery, owner and founder of The City Menus, had a cherished cat, too, that was recently killed in the Newnan tornado. This popular kitty was named Patch. “Patch was definitely a well-loved cat with his peers, and those who knew him instantly adored him. Patch was a vital member of The City Menus and will always have a special place in my and others’ hearts,” Jonathan proudly says. Patch, you will certainly be missed.

Becky wraps up, “We are super excited about this new endeavor!  Our hope is that we can assist the Carroll County Animal Shelter and their kitties for years to come. We are passionate about the welfare of all animals and hope we can make a difference in West Georgia.”

Fur Babies Cat Cafe

302 South Street 

Carrollton, GA 30117

Facebook: Fur Babies Cat Cafe

Instagram: @furbabiescatcafe


For donations, please visit www.FurBabiesCatCafe.com All donations are used to ensure the fur babies are given the most comfortable and loving environment possible, as well as to help with facility improvements. You may also donate directly to the Carroll County Animal Shelter.

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