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Unique Opportunity for Fledgling Businesses to Learn How to Fly In Small Space!

Wildwood Trader has outgrown their space and is moving a majority of the business to a larger space in downtown Newnan soon. The current space at 15 Greenville Street will house a smaller version of Wildwood Trader while the rest of the building will be available to retailer entrepreneurs looking for affordable space in downtown Newnan to set up a “store within a store,” which they brand and stock themselves. Wildwood Trader’s owner Ted Casey tells us his business manager, Stephen Brooks, will handle the building administration overall and be available for discounted business consultations. The business’ name at this location will soon change to Newnan Bazaar. 

“We think of Newnan Bazaar as a ‘retail incubator.’ The vision is that new shop owners can take advantage of our customer base and walk-in traffic while they learn what works, who their customers are, and build a following of their own, so that when they’ve outgrown us, they can set up their own shops with much more experience and confidence,” shared Casey, owner and founder of Wildwood Trader.

Anyone interested in having their own shop in Newnan Bazaar can email Ted Casey at [email protected] to get all the exciting details. 

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