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Central Elementary School Earns National STEM Certification

Central Elementary School was recently named a Nationally STEM Certified Campus by the National Institute for STEM Education (NISE). CES has now joined an elite group of certified STEM campuses in Carroll County that have earned this prestigious recognition for implementing 21st-century learning and STEM strategies that transform school culture and maximize student achievement. Only 2% of schools in the nation are nationally STEM certified.

In addition to CES becoming a NISE National STEM Campus, five teachers also earned their individual STEM certification: Andrea Brown, Casey Chadwick, Courtney Chastain, Kate Nicholson, and Rosemary Thigpen. Also, Principal, Matthew Huckeba, and Assistant Principal, Venus Swatek are National STEM certified administrators.

“STEM education is a priority in Carroll County,” shared Scott Cowart, Superintendent of Carroll County School System. “Having the opportunity for even our youngest students to have access to hands-on, real-world experiences encourages them to be goal oriented and have a growth mindset. These practices will serve as a strong foundation for creating a lifelong love of learning.”

Dr. Marissa Prather, Director of Professional Learning and Middle Schools added, “Integrating science, technology, engineering, and math into premier experiences to engage students helps prepare them for advanced opportunities in a variety of career fields. I am grateful to help lead the innovative and creative instructional practices that make our district premier.”

The district continues to be a leader in STEM education with 10 District STEM certified schools, 10 Nationally STEM certified schools, and 1 Internationally STEM certified elementary school. Carroll County School System is one of only three districts in Georgia to have a District STEM certification process and the only system in the state with a STEAM certification process.