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Rudine’s Kitchen: Fresh Food with a Culinary Twist

Taking the old back road, Senoia Road between Peachtree City and Tyrone, a hidden culinary gem will make your taste buds want to enjoy the flavors. Ashley Smallwood, owner and operator of Rudine’s Kitchen, says it is simply that, her kitchen. When not being a homemaker taking care of her children she is in a small building tucked away cooking up some delicious food. We stopped a few weekends ago and tried the glorious menu. A mix of traditional soul food and organic, health-conscious food, was a menu that had it all. We opted for the vegetable plate, you know the regular collards, mac and cheese, and of course you can’t forget the cornbread. Goodness gracious, wow. 

Now, you are probably hungry, salivating with a need to stop what you’re doing and make a trip to Rudine’s, go right ahead, BUT, make sure you go with a little patience in mind. Everything is cooked and prepared fresh to order and there are even two outdoor smokers for the meats! To take a glance at the menu click here. Their hours are limited due to Ashley’s love for family, as she wants to make sure she is back home in time to prepare dinner for the family. Right now Rudine’s is open between 11:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. Tuesday – Friday. They are located at 327 Senoia Road in Peachtree City. For easier access from Newnan and Sharpsburg you can take McDuff Parkway to Senoia Road. She also caters!