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New scholarships to help UWG business students study abroad

The University of West Georgia offers a variety of study abroad and study away opportunities for students to earn course credit while traveling the world and creating international connections to help launch their careers. Now, thanks to two Richards College of Business alumni, students are closer to making these extraordinary experiences a reality.

Sara Wofford ’07 ’08
Wofford and family created the Fernando Susach Travel Scholarship to honor her father and his love for travel.

“My father was a firm believer in being immersed in different countries and cultures as a key part of growth and development,” said Wofford, who is also a UWG faculty member. “He would be ecstatic to see these funds made available to benefit college students in their study abroad efforts.”

Susach was born in Caracas, Venezuela, and split his childhood between Venezuela and Spain. At 26, he earned the first Ph.D. in ecology in Venezuela. Susach loved travel and spent most of his life living and working in many countries around the world, sometimes living in those countries for extended periods of time.

The scholarship will financially assist UWG’s Richards College of Business students in study abroad opportunities, with preference given to economics majors.

“My father believed that international travel is a key part of life that allows us to leave our comfort zones, as well as inspires us to see and try new things and engage with different people,” she concluded. “I hope that recipients of this scholarship will embrace this philosophy when they embark on their adventures abroad.”

For more information on upcoming study abroad experiences with the Richards College of Business, visit the college’s study abroad webpage.

Zachary Rogers ’99 ’07
While many would love the opportunity to study abroad, several requirements must be met. Those who meet the academic prerequisites may encounter financial roadblocks in their way – tuition, fees, and travel and accommodation costs.

Rogers was no different during his time as a student.

“I still remember seeing the study abroad poster outside of the accounting office for a semester in London, along with the extra cost beyond tuition and fees,” Rogers explained. “I couldn’t afford it, and it didn’t feel right to go into debt to have the experience.”

Like many students, Rogers worked while enrolled to help cover his bills but was unable to financially cover an international trip. He graduated with his bachelor’s degree in business administration in 1999 and earned his MBA in 2007.

Now the North American director of payroll operations for Coca-Cola, Rogers has created the annual Richards College of Business study abroad scholarship, which will be available starting Fall 2022. It will help students who have never traveled abroad and demonstrate a financial need.

“I was inspired to create this scholarship for Richards College of Business students because I never had that opportunity,” Rogers concluded. “I want students to see that study abroad poster and know there is an opportunity for them, even if they can’t afford it on their own.”

For more information about how you can make an impact by supporting UWG through an endowment, scholarship or annual giving, please visit UWG’s Give West page.