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Just RAW with Raw Body Essentials

Raw Body Essentials is changing the way people are aware of their inner being. Located in Ashley Park in Newnan, Raw Body Essentials is a provider for the most natural and ‘raw’ skin and beauty products available. Owner and CEO Ceandrys Black is passionate about providing these products and services for customers. “We are more about educating than selling: We want people to be aware about what they put in and out of their body and understand the importance of using ingredients that are beneficial to your life,” said Ceandrys. 

Ceandrys’ flourishing business is changing the game in how products are produced and recommended to consumers. She and her staff want to ensure that all customers have the products they need to get the most out of their summer self care. Certain products may be more beneficial to one person, whereas a few ingredient changes can make it beneficial to a much different skin type. “It also depends on what is put into the body,” said Ceandrys. “One body butter may work well for somebody with a high caffeine and sugar intake, but might not work for someone else.” 

Raw Body Essentials also carries a large line of products for male customers as well female customers, because everybody needs to focus on self care. From Beard oils, to face moisturizers, there is something for everybody at Raw Body Essentials. Many of their products are not gender specific and can help a number of skin conditions. They have products for skin bumps or clogged pores, brightening, moisturizing, and skin maturing, “We don’t like to say ‘aging’ here,” Ceandrys elaborated with a giggle.

The team realizes not everything is for everybody and can offer customization if someone is allergic to a certain oil or wants a specific scent. “Most of our custom products take four to six weeks to be ready,” said Ceandrys. “We went to make sure we do our normal testing to make sure the customer gets the best product they can.”

Raw Body Essentials is located in Ashley Park at 320 Newnan Crossing Bypass in Newnan and can be found on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/rawbodyessentials or shop online directly at www.rawbodyessentials.com. Make sure to checkout their subscription boxes! 

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