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Greenhouse Mercantile Announces Second Location

Photo from Greenhouse Mercantile

Newnan’s Greenhouse Mercantile announced today that a new second location will be added in Senoia, GA, here is the full announcement from an email received by the owner:

“This post has taken a year to write. And honestly, I am still riding high from our six year shop anniversary celebration. When I tell you this is truly a full circle moment for me… 

Ten years ago, I had a dream of owning a shop. But I possessed every doubt that you could possibly imagine. How will I get enough money to open? How will I be successful without the expertise? How will I pay my employees? How could I possibly do this with two children? What if I fail?

It was at that moment that I knew that I just had to trust God. Opportunity came to me in the form of a little barn in Senoia. A place of my own where I could sell my wares and meet my customers, some of whom have ended up becoming friends. That little barn was just what I needed. 

Granted, it was cold in the winters, I had to move things out on the weekends there were weddings, and it housed the biggest rats you have ever seen up in the rafters (talk about humble beginnings), but the lessons that I learned in that space, I continue to carry with me today.

Fast forward, with so much gratitude in my heart, I am so excited to announce that I am opening Greenhouse Mercantile’s SECOND LOCATION, right back in Senoia, GA!!!

When I tell you that this is an absolute dream come true for me…

Please join us on Saturday, October 1, at 42 Main Street, Senoia from 10-7pm for a huge grand opening celebration!!! Live music, food, wine, and just a basically good time with good vibes!!!

Also, I cannot close out this post without taking the opportunity to say a special thank you to my family, my people, my customers, my community. You have been with me through location changes, scarce times, Scotts Antique Market days, recessions, prosperous times, and even a freaking pandemic. I am so truly blessed to have each and every one of you in my life. Thank you.”

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