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Sips Soda Now Open on Maple Street in Carrollton

The Iverson’s are bringing a Utah staple to Carrollton and bubbling up a new gourmet soda shop. The shop appropriately named, Sips Soda Carrollton celebrated their grand opening on October 15. They not only have your favorite sodas but can turn them into a “build-your-own” soda treat.

Mikayla said, “our main thing is we’ll have all of your favorite sodas… if your favorite drink is a Coke, we have Coke, we have Diet Coke, we have Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Dr. Pepper…” but the customer will be able to add syrups and or fresh fruit purees making the drink “any flavor you want,” she adds.

In addition to sodas, customers can get their hands on energy drinks and lemonades. The shop will also cater to the more health-conscious, with sugar-free syrups and drinks, light-calorie drinks, and gourmet water mixes. All of the drinks are available to be made ‘dirty’ with an example of a popular one in Utah being a Coke with a splash of coconut and vanilla.

Customers can stop in the shop to grab a drink but a wraparound drive-through is also available for those who would like their fizzy drink on the go. The starting price for a small 12 – 16 ounce soda is 99 cents. Add 60 cents more for the puree and another 30 cents for each syrup addition.

The Iverson’s are hoping that Sips Soda,“is a place people can come to when they’ve had a hard day or when they know that they’re going to have a really stressful day, they can come to get a drink and really help feel like they’re ready for that day… a little splash of happiness.” she continues, “that’s what my favorite soda shops did for me. And so I hope I can continue that on.”

As for moving to the Carrollton area, the family with two daughters and one on the way is very excited and has felt welcomed support. “We felt that southern hospitality here, ”she continues, “it has a really great small-town feel where everybody is a family.”

The location was previously known as the Optical Shop but when the Iverson’s saw the old house that had been renovated Mikayla said, “it was just like heaven-sent when we found this place.” Join them at 920 Maple Street in Carrollton.

Follow Sips Soda on FB and IG and Tiktok at @sips_soda.

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