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Applied Behavioral Analysis Services in West GA Opening Soon

Positive Behavior Services, Inc., an applied behavioral analysis group, is now serving the West Georgia community in Carrollton, Bremen, and Villa Rica! This group, owned and operated by Board Certified Behavior Analysts, equip parents, guardians, teachers, and children affected by autism with tools they need to manage day to day life and activities. Whether your child needs in-home or at school care, Positive Behavior Services is here to lend a helping hand when it comes to connecting you or your child with the right resources. Currently they are offering a FREE family consultation.

Sean Teehan, the Georgia Area Coordinator for Positive Behavior Services, states that the group helps clients learn of and identify specific behaviors and habit patterns of concern, and then begin to formulate a plan that the caregiver and child can follow to help manage disruptive or harmful conduct.

Previously the co-owner of the vibrant 302 South Street restaurant in Carrollton, GA, Teehan describes his journey to becoming the GA Area Coordinator of a company in a completely different sector than food service as a new and exciting way of serving his community. Before entering the restaurant business, he initially studied Health and Physical Education. However, after positive experiences with counseling in his own life, Teehan decided to go back to school and earned a Master’s from Purdue University in Applied Behavior Analysis. When looking to further his career, Teehan found an incredible opportunity with Positive Behavior Services to serve his community in a bigger role as an area coordinator, where the company found him to be a great fit for their needs – a serendipitous interaction that placed him serving his community in a fresh and fulfilling way.

Not only can Positive Behavior Services give helpful tools for everyday life, Teehan asserts that the group can also supply resources to families and schools on how to request education assistance, find placement and eligibility programs, and encourage the child’s autonomy. The child under your care has empowerment within reach. Contact Positive Behavior Services today for your FREE Family Consult at (770) 830-2048, on Instagram, or at positivebehaviorservices.com to start the journey toward a well-managed and empowered life today!

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