Home Carrollton CCS plans to ROLL back Millage Rate for 2025 fiscal year

CCS plans to ROLL back Millage Rate for 2025 fiscal year

The Carrollton City Schools Board of Education has announced its intention to lower the millage rate to 17.866 for the 2025 fiscal year, a decrease from the previous rate of 18.5.

This decision comes in response to new property tax assessments that have increased the financial burden on property owners. The district hopes to mitigate this impact by fully rolling back the millage rate. According to Georgia law, when the total digest of taxable property is prepared, a rollback rate is calculated. This rollback rate is designed to exclude inflationary growth when compared to the previous year.

“We are committed to balancing the need for financial health while not overburdening taxpayers,” said Carrollton City Schools Superintendent Dr. Mark Albertus. “It is always the goal of our school system to manage our finances responsibly and efficiently.”

School leadership has proactively engaged in budgeting and financial planning to ensure the rollback does not compromise the quality of education. The district hopes that helping alleviate the tax burden on residents will stimulate local economic growth, leading to a more prosperous community that, in turn, will support future generations of students and teachers.

The millage rate is the district’s primary source of operational funding. This includes essential expenses such as salaries for teachers and staff, classroom supplies, utilities, transportation, and other programs.

Albertus said the district is fortunate to have different funding measures, like the current ESPLOST, a one-cent sales tax on consumer goods specifically designated for capital projects, including new buildings, technology upgrades, and facility renovations. This option spreads costs to people who live, work, and shop in the county, including visitors who contribute an estimated 30-40% of the revenue. “These measures allow us to continue expanding our facilities without placing additional financial burdens on property owners, ensuring that we can still provide state-of-the-art learning environments and accommodate the immediate growing student population,” noted Albertus.

Consistent growth has led the district to build a classroom addition to Carrollton Middle School to accommodate an increase in middle-grade students.

“We are committed to regularly reviewing the millage rate to balance the need for taxpayer relief with the funding needs of our growing schools,” said David Godwin, Carrollton City Schools Board of Education Chairman. “Our goal is to create a sustainable financial future while maintaining the educational standards our community expects.”

The board will vote and is expected to formally adopt the proposed rate at the August board meeting on August 6, 2024.