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Quizno’s Seems To Be Toasting Itself


The next few weeks I’m sure are going to be tough on the Carrollton location of Quiznos Sub due to the restructuring of the company nationwide. Quiznos Sub is in debt by 875 million dollars and might just have to open up for Chapter 11. They have already closed 1,500 locations in the recent months including one in Carrollton by the theater and just last week in Lagrange. Quiznos offers a different approach of the sub world. The store branding is very modern and welcoming. Many of the menu items are very unique and offer sometimes a more healthier approach. While I do enjoy Subway and Publix it will be interesting to see how much the model changes for Quiznos Sub in the near future. However I am very worried about the Carrollton location at Mcintosh Plaza. I do not wish for them to close what so ever but it would not surprise me if it did. You can read more about the franchise at this following website.

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