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Retail & Restaurant Rumor Squashing

Rumors tend to flow out of hand in small communities such as ours. We’d like to help our readers steer clear of rumors. Our team has complied a list of the most cherished and talked about wants in the west Georgia area. You can also click here to see our current coming soon list.

Have a rumor that you’d like investigated? Email us at [email protected]

Here is a label guide to help you squash the rumor.

Label Key

Not happening
Somewhat likely
Very likely *


Buffalo Wild Wings
Chick-fil-A #3
Cracker Barrel
Golden Corral
Insomnia Cookies
Krispy Kreme
Longhorn #2
Outback Steakhouse

Texas Roadhouse

Trader Joes


Krispy Kreme
Raising Canes
Outback Steakhouse
Trader Joes

Peachtree City

Trader Joes

Villa Rica

Jeremiah’s Ice
Jim & Nick’s
Trader Joes
Whole Foods

West GA / I-20


Special statement for Green Color: We have enough evidence that supports this likelihood, once sealed and delivered it will be on our coming soon list. Keep in mind this could be several months to even a year down the road before all details are 100% confirmed. Economics are always at play, including financial aspects, rooftops, industry, commercial areas, and population centers.